Our toolbox

Our toolbox eases collaborative work

  • Social networkWe are on the social network Meetup. Our Meetup Group is located in Karlsruhe but we are covering the geographical area Karlsruhe-Offenbourg-Freiburg-Basel.
  • Instant messaging (within Meetup)

The group is using the messaging system of our Meetup group. You can either use the web interface or download the app. We recommend that you download the app.

  • For writing

The Group is offering WordPress user’s account. WordPress is typically used to build a blog, i.e. to manage the articles that we are writing and intending to publish. Our blog for the Group (not member specific) is a sub-domain of this website (https://blog.app-projects.eu). Group member can request a WordPress instance  by sending a message to the organisator through the instant message system of our Meetup Group. After having obtain an user account, the group’s member can write articles . The articles are typically published on https://FirstnameLastname.app-projects.eu

  • For planning and managing

The group is using Confluence, Jira and Openproject. We limit the access to Jira and confluence to 10 members. The access to OpenProject is unlimited.

The confluence and Jira instance run in the cloud (app-projects.atlassian.net)

The group could if necessary also run an instance of OpenProject

The group is using its own forums platform based on phpBB. The forums objectives are to develop strategies, discuss organizational matters, gather informations, discuss technical matter.

  • For presenting

Beamer and screen are availables

  • For communicating

Beyond meeting in person, we are also using Skype.

  • For publishing our web applications, we do have a windows server on strato.de